Building Connection.

Mission Statement

RADAR works with interesting clients to develop thoughtful and inventive architecture that sustains—and is sustained by—community.

Sustainability Commitment

RADAR is proud to join 1,200+ other architecture firms in the AIA's "2030 Commitment." RADAR will develop an office-wide sustainability action plan including clear, practical steps toward carbon neutrality, with the goal of attaining zero emissions in all of our projects by the year 2030. We commit to reducing our office's impact on the environment by using sustainable materials, incorporating energy-efficient systems, and focusing on projects that improve the sustainability of the communities they serve.

You can learn more about the AIA 2030 Commitment here.

Office Certifications

Department of General Services
Small Business Certification (SB)

Small Business Enterprise
(SBE, and SBE Proprietary)
Local Business Enterprise (LBE)
Small Local Business (SLB)
Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)
Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE)
HARBOR Very Small Business Enterprise (VSBE)

Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Design Philosophy

RADAR Inc. is a full-service architecture office based in the Chinatown neighborhood northeast of downtown Los Angeles. Over 18 years the office has amassed a wealth of experience in a range of project types – commercial, institutional, civic, and single and multi-family residential. The team, led by Rachel Allen, AIA, is comprised of a group of strong thinkers and good listeners who believe in the power of design to transform and empower the creative lives of our clients.

The office has long been on the forefront of new community-oriented growth in LA. We have helped our clients realize the potential of places such as Grand Central Market and Mariachi Plaza. We are proud that our team reflects the diversity of the city, and we not only elevate the design at these crucial urban sites but serve their neighborhoods first.

Clients have come to realize that they are not getting a “product” when they enlist RADAR. In a regurgitated, image-heavy environment, our office eschews these methods of problem solving and instead employs new ways of considering tradition and modernity.

We believe we can challenge the norms of urbanism and architecture in radical ways by recognizing certain fundamentals of design alongside the most pressing matters in our city.

We are optimistic about the expanded role of the architect in the far-from-static world of real estate. In this way, we redefine former conventions of project type: all use is adaptive reuse; all workplaces are ‘creative’; and even a single-family home has multi-family and live-work aspects. There is no project without its users and misusers; there is no inherent value to the formal object itself. We are driven by our enthusiasm for the mutual transformation that occurs between an architectural project and a community.