Ernest Fleischmann, Executive Director, Los Angeles Philharmonic, 1969-1998
A gifted architect, with an excellent design eye and an uncanny ability to come up with solutions to tricky problems.

Laura Horn, Facilities Manager, GOAT, 2016-2017
RADAR was able to take the GOAT business model and transpose that into an architectural design. The design process was incredibly smooth and that can be contributed primarily to RADAR's diligence and precise work product. . . I've never worked with an architect with such resolute attention to detail.

Erika Green, Writer/Producer
I knew I was in good hands with RADAR at the helm of multiple projects I did to update my home. Their thoughtful approach to design made the effort a really fruitful collaboration where my thoughts and ideas were integrated in a cohesive way that honored the space, and elevated the space way beyond anything I could envision..

Sabrina Burton, Attorney, Pajama Law
Rachel's excellent communication skills helped avoid confusion and conflict, and I always felt that I knew where the project stood and where it was headed. . . [C]areful documentation of our conversations with the builder saved me thousands of dollars by the end of the project.

David Kipen, Libros Schmibros Lending Library
Rachel Allen is the ideal architect to re-ensconce you in a brand-new library. Words can’t do justice to the beautiful, welcoming space she designed for us..it’s a pleasure to work in, and our visitors are staying much longer. I know Rachel designs all kinds of spaces, but, if possible, I think she takes library commissions as a special responsibility and joy. 

Megan Whitmarsh and Matt Salata, Fine Artists
Rachel is. . . an excellent communicator: direct, patient and unruffled. She was great in dealing with both the city bureaucracy and selecting and working with our contractor. Her ease and equanimity helped the project progress with little stress.

Kim Pesenti and Jonathan Williams, Writer & Artist
Throughout the process of building our house we felt comfortable that no detail would be left unconsidered by Rachel and her team. . . We had a sense that all potential problems had a good solution, even when one was not immediately apparent.

Amy Lippman, Writer/Producer
I cannot whole-heartedly recommend Rachel as an architect. I cannot because, well, what if my glowing endorsement ultimately resulted in her being unavailable to work on OUR next project? See what I mean? It's simply not in my best interest. So, for the record: she's just okay.