Comedor al Aire Libre

TYPE: Institutional
CLIENT: Escuela Primaria Ignacio Ramirez
SIZE: 200 sq m (2,152 sq ft)
Club San Miguel Emenguaro, State of Guanajuato
RADAR provided design and detail development for an outdoor dining facility in the town of San Miguel Eménguaro, 300km northwest of Mexico City.

With a track record of community-serving projects, the expat-group Club San Miguel Eménguaro identified the need for an outdoor dining facility in their home town. A longtime situation at the town's only elementary school was children and their mothers spending lunchtime passing food between the gates of the school, the only shaded area, as captured in these Google street views. This, along with and the complete exposure of the courtyard playground, together created the catalyst for a courtyard renewal. After a two-year planning effort, facilitated by the State of Guanajuato government, the result was the construction a shade structure in 2017, which may continue to be supplemented by elements such as a water fountain and rainwater capture system.

A second phase is being planned for an additional shade structure over the existing basketball courts, tree planting, painting and bathroom facilities upgrades, using the participation of the school parents.

Project Designer: Associate Karina Contreras, LEED AP

Photography by Zaicks Moz