Veteran’s Housing Proposal

TYPE: Multi-family Residential, Affordable Housing
CLIENT: City of Downey, CA
SIZE: 72,400 sqft
BUDGET: $50 million
Collaborators: GGA, SALT (Landscape), IHO
A single master development approach will allow the jurisdiction to provide 64 units of sorely needed housing for veterans and their families.

This medium-density, low-rise multi-family housing project sits at the boundary between a healthy and thriving single-family residential neighborhood and an active and productive commercial artery. The development will also provide related on-site services, such as counseling, job training, and retail, along with some protected open space for the residents, on-site parking, and a monument to thank these worthy residents for their efforts in the nation’s service.

Corner Open Space designed by SALT Landscape Architects, and housing in collaboration with Gonzalez Goodale Architects.